We are a boutique consultancy firm working in optimizing operational processes. Our goal is to improve the operational performance of our clients to help them grow to the next level. We create Straightforward Solutions aimed at maximising output and reducing costs. We have served Manufacturing and Trading Companies across varied industries in the MSME Sector. We distinguish ourselves by combining in-depth process and system knowledge with the ability to help our clients deliver sustainable operational improvements.


Business Process

Inventory Optimisation

Production Management
Workflow Management

Workforce Productivity



Our starting point is always a concrete problem in our client’s operations. Using the current business process as a guideline, we conduct in depth analysis of the ‘as-is’ situation. We work closely with the employees from the organisation who have real process knowledge and know its challenges, to get a deep understanding of the total process landscape and its performance.


We believe that a smart and simple business process forms the basis for optimal operations. By combining process knowledge with Lean techniques and operational rigour, we derive impactful and value adding solutions. We use IT tools to add value to our solutions.


Unless the solutions are implemented and used by the end user, they add no value. We actively engage with stakeholders in implementation by training them to use the solution and maintain the results after the study is over.

Our USP Product

Supply Chain Management System (SCMS)

End to End cloud based Solution to Optimize the complete Order to Dispatch Cycle. The solution is designed to bring transparency in the supply chain, which is an important competitive advantage. Transparency uncovers inefficiencies, bottlenecks and compliance violations. These insights are then used to increase the efficiency and quality of processes.


  • Timely identification of bottlenecks and delays in the supply chain so that countermeasures can be initiated without delay.
  • Monitors key performance indicators using dashboards in real time
  • Live Performance Evaluation of Employees


  • All on One Platform
  • Drives Decision Making, Manages Business Risks and transforms Business Performance
  • Creates collaboration across teams located geographically
  • Shortens Lead Times and Reduces Costs


With over 11000 SKUs, it was a mammoth task to Process the Client orders without frequent delays and errors. Returns Management was an additional challenge as costumes are to be recycled and rotated across multiple orders. 
With A.A. Consulting’s Solution, our workflow has now simplified. We have experienced a faster turnaround time in our Order Processing and Return Management and increase in Employee Productivity. With increased co-ordination between the employees the firefighting came down considerably saving tremendous costs.
Abhinav Batra
CEO, Fairy Tales Creations
Costumes Wholesaler
Thanks to A.A. Consulting’s intervention, our semi finished material stock has reduced by 36% . The processes implemented in our factory have greatly improved our production quality and employee productivity. There is now transparency in the operations with clear visibility of bottlenecks, which earlier went unnoticed and led to frequent delays. We get a real time status of each client order including the operation costs and the lead time which has helped us keep a tight check on the cost over runs and brought down operational costs overall.
Chirag Ganotra
CEO, Natraj Textiles
Home Furnishing Manufacturer